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Biography - Ana Milanović

Something about you? I’m a normally unusual person.. or the other way around, unusually normal person, depending on your point of view. I like to get to know people, to devote myself to them, to help them, discover their life stories and emphasize their uniqueness… On the other hand, I rarely confide in anyone and I keep a lot to myself, it’s not easy to push me into that sort of social interactions. I like to philosophize and spend time creating meaningless strings of sentences, but I am the master of my words and I enjoy it! I love music, my violin, green color, sunrises, the smell of coffee and morning newspaper, flower bouquets, interesting books, cheerful animals, laughter to tears, hanging out with friends, summer rain, big cities, being hyperactive, sky full of stars, being in love.. . My goal is that, even when I grow old, music would still be my life, my driving force and my support, and that I can, when I look back at the years passed, say with a smile on my face that I have lived a satisfying life…

How do you manage with 5 boys in the band? It’s incredible how, in such a short time, they managed to become very significant figures in my life. Although they sometimes try to act protective, and they like to tease me a lot, I know that they are always there for me and it’s a great feeling. While we play together, it doesn’t matter if it’s a concert or a rehearsal, the music we make always puts a smile on my face. I gladly let them have the dominant roles in the band, cos everybody knows, if behind every successful man there is an even more successful woman, then behind five successful men there is…

What is your favorite Irish Stew song? They’re numerous, but I’ll go for Blessed and Damned…

What is the connection between your violin and your character? It’s very characteristic for the violin that it can, very precisely, show the widest spectrum of human emotions through music and the colors of tones it creates, so it can, if I let it, tale out of me every shade of joy, hurt, fear, disappointment, it all depends on the moment and my mood. This relationship that was created in my early childhood years is unbreakable and it only changes its characteristics in accordance with my growing up and understanding of the world and the music.

Teleport or a time machine? Teleport, but only if it’s some sort of intergalactic model that can also work here on the Earth, for local distances, and isn’t too expensive. .. I would come up with destinations I’d like to visit… also, organizing some tours with the band would become piece of cake… The Martians would love Irish music, they’ve got green blood anyway. Past and Future cannot be changed, and neither should we try to.

What is your view on musical scene in Serbia and worldwide? At the moment, I have none. But I’m guessing that it’s colorful with tendencies towards black. In the world it’s worldwide!

Who is your favorite band member? I can’t choose just one, that would be mission impossible, cos each one of them deserves a special place, Bojan because of his talent, musicality and the effort he puts in the band and the things around it, Marko because of his energy and honesty he provides me with every time I see him and I’m very grateful to him for that. Ivan because of his diplomatic skills and for being so unconventional. I have never seen it before and it amazes me. Sasha because of his shrewd humor and the support he gives me while we play, and Nenad because of his persistence, sensibility and friendliness that he enjoys showing to everyone around him.

Ana Milanović Ana Milanović Ana Milanović Ana Milanović
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