Irish Stew of Sindidun - Lady of New Tomorrow
Irish Stew of Sindidun - New Tomorrow

Biography - Ivan Đurić

Something about you? Hi, I’m Ivan and I play the banjo. What’s your name? Whenever I talk about myself, the first thing I say is that I play in Irish Stew, the band, but that’s already well-known here and now, I guess. I will soon become political scientist for diplomacy and security, and for the past five years I’ve been into politics.

In your opinion, what is the most interesting thing about the instrument you play? The most interesting are the faces of people when I tell them what I play. I’ve seen all sorts of expressions – shock, complete ignorance, laughter etc. I’ve mostly been compared to Bugs Bunny. In any case, I draw a lot of attention, on concerts and off.

Which band would you join as a banjo player? I believe there is a place for banjo in every band. Since Pulp are reunited again, I’d be more than happy to contribute to their sound a bit.

Quality or quantity? I believe you can make quality from quantity.

What is your biggest unfulfilled desire? To perform at Royal Albert Hall. That place is 3D cinema of music. Completely magical.

What is your view on musical scene in Serbia and worldwide? Musical scene in Serbia is Cro-Magnonish when compared to the rest of the world. The times have long passed when all it took to satisfy the audience was to write a good song, nowadays you have to offer more. People in Serbia don’t understand this. I strongly object to the idea that there is too much music today, that due to this a lot of quality has been lost etc. Yes, there is a lot of music available today, but it can only be an advantage. I always tell people: if you are too lazy to look for it by yourself, ask me – I can recommend!

Who is your favorite band member? Aleksandar Gospodinov, of course. Because he’s the most handsome, he doesn’t panic if the sound system fails, his strings never snap, he listens to what he’s told, because he’s Aleksandar Gospodinov and because I’m not supposed to say Ana Milanovic.

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