Irish Stew of Sindidun - Lady of New Tomorrow
Irish Stew of Sindidun - New Tomorrow

New Tomorrow - Coming out October 6th

September 12, 2011

Irish Stew is happy to announce the release of their third album "New Tomorrow". The album, which band members claim to be the best thing they have ever done, is going to be released on 6th October this year. More than three years after the release of their previous, very successful album “Dare To Dream” the band spent touring all around Serbia but also discovering new places and reaching new audience abroad.

Nonetheless, the band's main focus during the last year was on working in the studio and preparing the new stuff. The album was recorded and produced by Marko Jovanovic in the studio "Underground" in Belgrade. Reactions to the single announcing the new album, "Lady of New Tomorrow", give the band but also the audience hope that the album is going to be a major success.

Irish Stew recommends that you keep an eye on the web site and stay informed about numerous surprises that will follow the new release.