Irish Stew Of Sindidun

Last Bottle Of Sadness

Another day for wasting my time
And there’s no one but you on my mind
And the thoughts about you I know are not a crime
‘cause I left all my crimes behind
And even in the fires of devil your voice will be with me
And if I would go to heaven your picture there I would see

So many words for a broken heart
Tears in my eyes from you I will hide
And all my sorrows I left behind
But there’s one stuck in my heart
And I don’t know why
But I’ll cry ‘till I die

In the thoughts about you my mind now is lost
And nothing but you can I see
I’m looking at the sea as I stand by the coast
Real life now is hidden from me
And all the words you said to me were the songs of a lark
And all my shame and glory was for to win your heart

And every new day brings longing for you
I don’t know how but it’s true
And all my life I live for you
Mirrors hate me but I must face the truth
Tonight my mind will be stolen and I know you will stay
With the last bottle of my sadness I’ll fly so far away

Autor: Bojan Petrović