Irish Stew Of Sindidun


I was sitting on a wall, neither drunk nor sober
My body wasn't mine but my brain was still working
Two bloody little diamonds were trying to look around, to realize
What really happened that last October
Couple of pairs were pacing the street
And I was jealous. I hate him!
Few minutes later I was punching the bricks,
'twas not his head and I was bleeding

I hate the bastard who took her from me,
Lovely girl, from my sweetest dreams
For once she was all my life but now she’s a bitch
I’m taking the shovel and I’ll dig ’em a ditch!

Many hours have passed and I was still there,
Trying to crawl so tired from fighting
I couldn’t hide myself from looks of other people so curious,
So I closed my eyes and waited
Does she feel the same, shame and weakness, and cries?
Or is she just blind?
I’m not laying there, I left the place
With all my faith and all my happiness behind.

Author: Bojan Petrović