Irish Stew Of Sindidun

Life Without Living On A Sunny Winter Day

Thousand miles know my lack of thoughts
Separating me from all my faults
Made me feel like lost in a fog
And all my hopes and all my dreams
Rest in peace or so it seems
Made me feel like rose in a bog

With empty bottle where my beer used to be
With my memories, fading away, down this street
With the wind at my back that makes my faith regained
I will never let it go again

Roaming the streets, and pints of beer,
Trying to remember to what I used to cheer,
Made me like I’m sick in the head
Where the blossoms grow and the wee birds fly,
Is where I ran from curious eyes
That’s my home and there is my bed.

Cheerful face and tired soul
Walk alone in senseless days
Seeking hard a place to fall
Drowning smile in their disgrace

Author: Bojan Petrović