Irish Stew Of Sindidun

Heavier Than Sin

His big house glitters, lights paint the walls
Stuffed animals by fireside remind of glory days
But even when the evening comes to hide his crock of gold
There's no shadow to cover soul that's sold

Her lying lips are rosy, their taste is bittersweet
Splendid dress with golden crafts as white as wedding day
But the filth that she carries hidden well behind her eyes
Can be seen on other men she betrayed

Too late to pray, too soon to redeem
Their world is heavier than sin

Reflections in the mirror, wrinkled face of death
Will raise her shaking fears while she tries to sleep
But she keeps lovely smile with eyes that gaze at lies
Hiding rotten soul with sunshine in her hair

A cruel misty morning brings pictures of the past
He's roaming through the day which seems will never end
Biding time in misery, with shotgun in his hands
Trying to run from dazing truth which never fades

Author: Bojan Petrovic