Irish Stew Of Sindidun

Paddy's Lamentation

Well it's by the hush, me boys, and be sure to hold your noise
And listen to poor Paddy's sad narration
I was by hunger pressed and in poverty distressed
So I took a thought I'd leave the Irish nation

Well I sold me horse and cow, my little pigs and sow
My father's farm of land I then departed
And me sweetheart Bid McGee I'm afraid I'll never see
For I left her there that morning broken-hearted

Here ye boys, now take my advice
To Americay I'll have ye not be going
There is nothing here but war where the murderin' cannons roar
And I wish I was at home in dear old Dublin

Well meself and a hundred more to Americay sailed o'er
Our fortunes to be making we were thinkin'
When we got to yankee land they put guns into our hands
Saying "Paddy, you must go and fight for Lincoln"

General Meagher to us he said: If you get shot or lose your head
Every murdered soul of youse will get a pension
In the war I lost me leg, now I have a wooden peg
By my soul it is the truth to you I mention

Well I think meself in luck if I get fed on Indianbuck
And old Ireland is the country I delight in
To the devil I would say God curse Americay
For I am sick and tired of your hard fightin

Author: Trad. / arr. Irish Stew of Sindidun