Irish Stew Of Sindidun

McGee's Daughter

My childhood I spent
In the old Dublin streets
And my life meant nothing to me
And in a house in that street
Lived the man called McGee
With his daughter lovely maiden Marry Ann
When I saw her for the first time
A voice in me said: "Oh boy
With that girl you can conquer the world"
Under the blue skylight gown I was making the plan
How to win the heart of lovely marry Ann.

I will leave My Dublin Street
Nenagh, Cork and Limerick
I will leave my dear old Ireland for a while
McGee's daughter ran away
I will seek her all my days
I will find her and she'll be my bride.

I lay on the street
With a small piece of bread
And with the thoughts about Marry in my head
I was asking myself
What would say old McGee?
What could he say to a beggar like me?
Next day early in the morn
I went to her home
And old McGee opened the door
He said: "She went, and she'll never come back home”
But someday I know I won't be all alone.

Author: Bojan Petrović