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Irish Stew of Sindidun - New Tomorrow

Biography - Bojan Petrović

Something about you? It goes something like this: “Let’s all agree to do things my way. Let me explain why that’s good for both you and me because I know what I’m doing. If you have a reasonable argument against mine, I’ll gladly accept it. But if you don’t want to do something right, don’t even start it.” Just this.

What’s it like to be the front man of Irish Stew and what does that mean? I like being the frontman of the band that has its own unique style so people can’t easily compare me with others. It means that I don’t have a bodyguard and that I don’t use my own car to get to concerts. I have an honest smile that doesn’t need fixing in Photoshop ©. I’m closer to you than you think.

Where do you find inspiration for the songs you create? Having in mind that most of them are love songs I think that the answer to that question is quite obvious. This genuine emotion is something every person has inside them, something they are very skillful at hiding, and I try to wake it up in them. Lately, songs have come up that deal with social themes and the time we live in, because the situation in Serbia and worldwide is such that you can’t just look the other way when it comes to certain things. I am personally disgusted by the system of values based on materialism, bureaucracy and reality make-up, without any call for social responsibility.

The nicest thing a fan has ever done for you? There were a lot of nice gestures but it wouldn’t be fair to pick just one because all the others are no less precious. Still, I will always cherish the most the fans coming to our concerts, which proves that we think alike and that we share the same feelings.

Is the glass half-empty or half-full? It depends on the mood. What I want to know is that the glass has a solid bottom cos you will always be able to fill it again no matter how empty it was. In the same way, it’s no use if it’s full at the moment, if it’s hollow.

What is the first song you learned to play on a tin whistle? The first tin whistle I got was a birthday present, some 10 years ago. I spent the entire next day trying to reveal the new instrument’s secrets and frankly, it wasn’t that big a problem. By the end of that day I was able to play something that sounded almost like Amazing Grace. Later, I read it somewhere that it was also the first song Mr Spider Stacy of The Pogues learned to play.

What is your view on musical scene in Serbia and worldwide? Serbia is still far from world standards if we look at the musical scene in general, with some exceptions. I think that the biggest problem is lack of inspiration and good songs, above anything else. There are too many summer hits, lyrics without a message or content, superficial music without the artistic approach, music that’s out there for no other reason than money and good pastime for one night. To me, music is about much more. Roughly speaking, I divide music into two groups, honest and dishonest. I think we all need more of the first kind. The good thing is that, as a consequence of the evolution of the Internet, the audience can now pick out much more than what the media monopoly in Serbian rock music has to offer.

Who is your favorite band member? When it comes to the band business, I get on the best with Aleksandar. We have a very similar way of creative thinking. I love Ivan and Nenad because they are serving with me the life sentence in Irish Stew, and because they sacrificed a lot for the band. Marko and Ana brought some sort of new energy to the band that we kind of lacked. Only when you feel it for the first time you realize what was missing before. I’m still under impression.

Bojan Petrović Bojan Petrović Bojan Petrović Bojan Petrović
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