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Biography - Marko Jovanović

Something about you? I was born in a small country, today known as Macedonia – that’s a small place where people don’t have much, but are always ready for a song and they are always smiling, you can’t take away their smile not even with weapons… It all began from the room I shared with my big brother. As a toddler I was sent to music school to learn how to play the guitar.. Good move by my folks… but, very soon I threw it away.. like, as it was about to be shown, anything else later in my life that wasn’t me. Then one day my bro took me to a drummers’ meeting .. Two hours was all it took for me to point the finger at the instrument and tell myself: “I wanna play the drums!” Then puberty came on top of this fascination.. I hardly managed to finish elementary school, I failed first grade of high school and there were lots more mischiefs of a young rebel with waist-length hair At one moment, my brother decided he wants to buy me a set of drums… which he did.. God bless him! This act of his caused a flood of skepticism in our close family circle, and even outside of it. “He’s gonna play with it for 2 days and then he’ll leave it.” and since things like that made me very angry back then, I decided to do my best and, as I like to say it, “kick off the gig”, probably cos I hadn’t managed to kick anything else off in my life by then.. to wrap it up, I decided to become a drummer, musician.. something I hold to do this very day.

Which drummer do you appreciate the most? I appreciate any drummer who approaches philosophy with understanding. I could go on for days on this topic… but I’ll be quick… Mr Dave Abbruzzese, one of the drummers of the legendary band Pearl Jam. Mr Chad Smith "Red Hot Chilly Peppers", Mr Brad Wilk "Rage Against The Machine/Audioslave", Mr Vinnie Colaiuta "Sting", Mr Keith Karlock, Mr Rodney Holmes … The list goes on, but these are my favorites…

Your biggest unfulfilled desire? I don’t have unfulfilled wishes. I am very concentrated on the work to make all of those wishes come true.

What is your view on musical scene in Serbia and worldwide? Erm.. very painful question… there is no satisfying musical scene in Serbia for me now. There is so-called ‘folk’ scen e on certain rosy networks that I don’t even want to think, let alone talk about… As for certain true values.. they are too many in our small country… So many creative people, so many good gigs, so many good ideas, it makes you wonder: where does it all come from? Alas, those who have the strenght to carry their ‘story’ out are too few… It takes curage, strong will and perserverance.. I think that kids who take up a new instrument today are burdened by the fact that they won’t be able to make a living from that instrument, so it’s only natural that they take music as a hobby, and an unimportant and side issue in their lives… As long as the things go on like this, there won’t be any serious musical scene in Serbia. Musical scene worldwide.. two words : good production.. nothing else, except, of course, the fact that there are some really good musicians out there, but you don’t see them on TV.

Who is your favorite band member? Ana! Why? Well, cos she knows how to love people and to laugh with them, cos she’s emotional, cos we come from the same hometown, cos she reminded the buys from the band about some long forgotten things and now we all laugh together, cos I kept her back even then, and I still keep it now, cos she’s funny when she plays the fiddle and when she dances, BECAUSE SHE’S MY KID!

What makes a drummer so special? The possibility to sit in the back seat and listen to the band.. . keep it calm… make it furious, make it stable, pump up the gas when necessary, reduce when it should be reduced, the possibility to express your energy, not just emotionally, but also with motions and rhythm.. possibility to lead, to be… alive, happy and your own.

Marko Jovanović Marko Jovanović Marko Jovanović Marko Jovanović
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