Irish Stew Of Sindidun

One For The Road

Pretend that you're glad to see me in this place
Am I here for a drink or to smile in your face
I've walked down the road through heaven and hell
So buy me a drink 'cause there's so much to tell

Give me one for the road , buy me two, buy me three
If you don't want drink with devil, keep drinking with me

That night at the pub you put the rope around my neck
I left you awhile, but I said I'll be back
So buy me beer and whiskey as much as you can pay
If you don't spend your money you don't know how to play

It's four in the morning with all the people left out
But just you and me with our dear old friend stout
Drinking's the key to solve our little strife
If you won't spend more money, you'll pay with your life

Give me one for the road, give me one two three...
Give me one for the road, give me four five six...

Author: Bojan Petrović