Irish Stew Of Sindidun

So In Love

They say it doesn't matter how many times you fall
Just need to stand up every time
I use to wonder if I was there just to fall again
So sick and tired of every try...
And then, you came to me
To make my eyes open wide
Now you're the one I can see
I'm sure I'll never leave your side

Wherever you go, I'll be there
Every moment, with every breath
And I'm still blessing the day you came to me
Now I'm sure nothing's wrong
On each piece of the puzzle solved
I'm in love, I'm in love, I'm in love...

The only thing I've ever wanted was to be happy
No gold, glory, house nor cars
The only luck I've always had was burning fact
That I was sure what I want
And then, you came to me...
My heart was beating hard
Dried my tears, so heavenly
With every breath you took from me...

Author: Bojan Petrović