Irish Stew Of Sindidun

One Way Ticket

Hitchhikers on the road to hell
That's how we write our destiny
Where every fear overcomes every wish
Disease without scrutiny

Hope there's a place out of here
Hope there's a way to leave this hunt for glory
Where we can make this colors bright
Every night...

I'll take the one way ticket, take the first train out of town
Last night I made up my mind
I'll tak the one way ticket to wherever I may roam
I'm gonna leave it all behind

Sunrays against the shadows of past
That's how we make a harmony
Kids raise their fists in the name of past wars
Blowing their minds to mislead

Oh, what a glorious victory
There's nothing left to cheer at all
Hands drowned in money and blood
Dare for more...

Pretenders in front of holy ones
Spill fake tears down black holes
Forgotten love is soaring around
Waving goodbye to our souls

And if world comes to end
Please let me be the last to know
In a different place, different time
Take me, slow...

Author: Bojan Petrović