Irish Stew Of Sindidun

When Day Is Over

When day is over and night is about to fall
With all its miracles, hiding around my bed
I chase the shadows, tryin' to catch them all
Or am I a shadow myself, with you in my head...?

Covered in silence, night brought a dream
That took me down to places far away
Gently and painless in spite of the loneliest street
I walked with you and you didn't walk away

Don't turn your back, don't leave that thing you feel
Don't let it go, try not to be afraid
With every step, you know, I feel it still
Don't turn your back, don't take this dream away

The morning after sun is about to rise
With all its colors, painting every new day
But here I am, just closing my sleepy eyes
Roamin' the different worlds with you again

Author: Bojan Petrović