Irish Stew Of Sindidun

Blessed And Damned

Our lives are cheap and small in this rusty world of ours
One day you walk through brambles, next day you reach the stars
Then you find your fellow-traveler to stray of the way
Born in hell to be a prisoner and see the light one day

I’m so tired of second chances and those who want me down
If I become the king, they’ll take away my crown
All I want is to find the place where no one needs to hide
Where I’ll see my sweetheart happy, settled down by my side

And what are you searching for in the heart of the night?
It's so hard to see the things beyond your sight
These things are always better not to be seen
Let those things only be part of your dreams
In real life, let them stay unseen

Long ago before the time, before life existed
When there only was nothingness, few things were enlisted
But Almighty spilled the ink and lost his sacred feather,
Made impossible for him to make our scant lives better

I remember many pints of finest Guinness beer
You drink it when you’re happy, you drink it when you fear
And the old man often used to speak of life as a hat
You never know the rabbit’s color, is it green, white or black

I will gladly cross the ocean, but I fear to step on a plane
On a ship I’ll get the measles and that’s pretty same
Then I’ll take the road to God knows by bus or a train
And watch little kids through window, running down a plain.

Autor: Bojan Petrović