Irish Stew Of Sindidun

Whiskey And Miles Behind

Some favorite words forgotten
The games we sometimes played forbidden
This morning I’ll take the light
From the sun and take it more, just for me
For I didn’t take it before
Our lives are still on the verge
There’s not even a thing to cheer
But you who watch us all from above
Don’t let me be a slave to my fear

Just show me the way and that way I will go
That’s the way my luck I will find
And keep me away from my hardest feelings
Just me and whiskey and miles behind

Time ate the memories, once for all
Maybe there is a way out, but no one to call
Half past one o’clock in the morning
Sun will rise and soon will set, still the same
In another day of shame
With these days the years have gone
The faces we knew, no more clear
If we could turn back the hands of time
We’ll gain another life, to spend it better way and to feel.

Autor: Bojan Petrović