Irish Stew Of Sindidun


I tried to give a look on my burning memories
Why did you lie, why did you betray your soul?
Sometimes I felt so tired from your worthless treacheries
And from your every dirty role
But now, do I really need to think of the past?
I slipped through many hands, they didn’t come back for me
But it was you who caught me so fast
And my dreams came true when the bluest eyes I saw,
I cursed myself, I didn’t know

And maybe I’ll see you in some better days
Or maybe we'll meet in some other life
When I’ll be esteemed for the things I've done
Or maybe we’ll just choose different ways

I'm standing on top of the world to find what I’m looking for
King of the world, king of the places unseen
Though I don’t know where to start, I'll do my best like I did before
All for the love of thee
Oh now do I really need to think of the past,
Stop asking myself will you go back to me
And I’ll never think of the last,
But I’m just curious, that's all and I want to know
How our reunion will be…

Autor: Bojan Petrović