Irish Stew Of Sindidun


So bhoys there’s nothing left to say
I hope I’ll see you again
Where the grass is always green
And with the memory of kisses
And the tear-filled eyes
I hope I’ll find myself where I once have been

Many years ago on the ship we adored
We set our sail across the sea
For to find the land we heard about
Whether far or near
Though the storm would be closing
It would never brake the chain
So we're trying to find the way to see another day
The land began to fade, will I see it again?

There were fine stout men, proud crew of the ship
Who would ne’er betray their love for open sea
Jocose dancers, storytellers, robust sailors
Wished to see the places they have never seen

But the story never ended ‘cause we lost our way
To the place where we’d been set
Like the fish we net, too infirm and weak
We were caught in billow’s net
Then the storm beat the ship
Seven friends we lost that night
Sure we cried that bloody day and spat some curses on the way
Getting stronger for those who died

Many years and more to the distant shore
And the deep blue sea between
Will I see again the girl, once standing on the harbor,
With the prettiest eyes of all I’ve ever seen.

Autor: Bojan Petrović