Irish Stew Of Sindidun

Pile Of Sins

Breaking my mind with the thoughts of days of yore
I don’t count on my injured and suffering soul
So many tears were cried and many more will fall
It’s like being haunted by shadows and ghouls
The day seemed sore just as many times before
And also more dust soiled the road, once marked
I’m looking for silence in memories of mine
But I will find the silence only in the cellar of my home

Soon the night’ll be changed by the morning light
But the time still stands for me
There’s a pile of sins standing on my way
Whole injustice that scattered my dreams

Now I'm cooling my head in the depths of despair
Wondering in agony how this life isn’t fair
Exiled from the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost
Occupied with questions of how much it will cost
I’m dreaming of happiness and love in better life
To feel the breath of tranquility and freedom once again
Waking up every day, no matter how long the nights
Where I will shatter all my doubts, becoming who I am

Finally, I‘m free to think of love in brand new life
Alone on the top of mountain so high.
I climbed the pile of sins and left many things behind
But will I have the strength to step in the world on the other side?
My shallow heart’s still beating, I’m drenching in pain
They check my vital signs, but I’m sure I’m still alive.
Will I die on the street begging for a fiver?
So may the roots of society and religion share my shame!

Autor: Bojan Petrović